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SCISAT 20th anniversary meeting

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The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is pleased to invite Canadian and international research communities to join us at the John H. Chapman Space Centre in Longueuil (borough of Saint-Hubert), Quebec, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the SCISAT satellite.

Launched in , this mission has outlasted its 2-year planned lifetime by a tremendous 18 years, providing an unparalleled record of global ozone, ozone-depleting substances, and greenhouse gas measurements.

The event will celebrate SCISAT's scientific achievements, contributions to national and international environmental policy, and pave the way for future missions ensuring the continuity of its data.


Registration dates vary depending on the type of participation. Please complete the online form by:

Please note that in-person attendees will be asked to provide their passport in order to access the meeting venue.


Abstract submission

Abstracts must clearly communicate how the author(s) have used or plan to use SCISAT datasets to advance scientific or policy objectives. They must also advance one or more of the published meeting objectives. The final meeting program (oral presentations) will be developed from the review of submissions conducted by the meeting's scientific committee. Abstracts are limited to 300 words, and only one abstract may be submitted per first author. To submit, fill out the abstract field in the registration form, by .

Keynote speakers (invited)

To be determined.

Detailed description

The CSA is pleased to announce the SCISAT 20th anniversary meeting, which will be held at the John H. Chapman Space Centre in Longueuil (borough of Saint-Hubert), Quebec, between and . This in-person event (with limited virtual participation) will celebrate SCISAT's role in scientific and technological innovation, highlighting Canada's contributions to worldwide environmental efforts such as the UN Montreal Protocol and the UNFCCC Paris Climate Agreement. We also invite international research teams to present their achievements in advancing atmospheric chemistry and climate science involving SCISAT datasets.

The SCISAT 20th anniversary meeting is a multidisciplinary three-day international event involving academic and government scientists, engineers, policy makers, decision makers, and select virtual participants. The CSA is enthusiastic to bring together a large and diverse group of experts working at the forefront of satellite measurements, atmospheric chemistry and science, as well as leaders in climate research and decision makers. The Canadian SCISAT mission is a strong partnership between universities, government, and industry, such as ABB Canada, which is the manufacturer of the Fourier Transform Spectrometer onboard the SCISAT satellite. We look forward to hosting a productive cross-disciplinary meeting where participants from different fields can collaborate and exchange ideas in a friendly and welcoming environment.

This meeting will provide attendees with the opportunity to share scientific, technological, and environmental policy innovation, and further our understanding of fundamental questions about Earth's changing climate and our role in it. As we celebrate two decades of scientific achievement, we also aim to foster future collaborations in space that will advance progress in new and planned climate satellites and virtual constellations. We will also highlight SCISAT's contribution to the Montreal Protocol and its success. As we increase our knowledge of Earth's atmosphere, it is increasingly important to provide for humanity's growing need for long-term comprehensive data records that contribute to international environmental policy.

The CSA will host the event on site where participants can visit the Satellite Operations Control Centre, view a 1:1 scale model of the satellite, and enjoy the beautiful changing colours of the nearby forests during the fall season.

For more information about registration, what's included and what's not included, accommodation and transport. Third parties are welcome to organize auxiliary offsite events independently. A limited number of meeting rooms at the CSA may be made available if needed. Please contact us with any requests.

We look forward to your participation.


The CSA is committed to fostering a diverse and equitable atmospheric and climate science research community in Canada and seeks an inclusive event that enriches Canada's contribution to atmospheric science exploration from space. We encourage diverse teams to participate.

Key dates

Key dates for milestones and deadlines
Date Milestone Deadline
Abstract submission
Registration for in-person participation
Registration for online participation
Deadline for hotel reservation (discounted rate)
to SCISAT 20th anniversary meeting N/A


The Alt Hotel Quartier DIX30 is a 15-minute drive from the John H. Chapman Space Centre and offers a discount on rooms booked by participants, which lasts until . Participants are encouraged to book accommodations as early as possible.

Discount access to Alt Hotel.


Montreal-Trudeau International Airport is located 42 km away from the John H. Chapman Space Centre and is well connected to domestic and international destinations by major airlines. Saint-Hubert Regional Airport is located 1 km away from the John H. Chapman Space Centre and accommodates charter and general aviation aircraft. The John H. Chapman Space Centre can also be accessed from downtown Montreal by subway and bus in about one hour, or by car.

Please note a free shuttle service will be provided between the Alt Hotel and the John H. Chapman Space Centre before the beginning of the sessions and at the end of the day to provide an easy and accessible travel option for participants.

What's included

Registration, coffee breaks, lunches, transportation between hotel and the CSA.

What's not included


Travel information


Should you have any questions, please contact us at

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