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Space Apps Challenge : Finalists and winning teams

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is very proud to have participated for a fourth consecutive year in the Space Apps Challenge, an annual hackathon that took place from to , and brought together people from all over the world. Because of the pandemic, this year's event took place virtually. This was an added challenge for both the organization and the participants!

Participants from various backgrounds, professions and interests from seven Canadian cities – Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, Calgary and Vancouver – took part in the Space Apps Challenge. In addition, Toronto organized a specific event for youth.

The CSA collaborated with the local chapters by providing mentors throughout the hackathon via a collaborative platform accessible to all participants across Canada. The CSA experts were able to interact with the participants and answer their questions.

This year's Space Apps Challenge attracted more than 341 participants and led to a variety of innovative and creative solutions.

Overall winners of the CSA Space Apps Challenge

Winner of the Global Canadian Prize:

3.14Heads from Toronto:

Winner of the Special Prize for World Space Week:

Open Intelli Data from Kitchener-Waterloo

Finalists of the CSA Space Apps Challenge – use of Canadian data

Many of the participating cities identified a finalist team that used Canadian data to solve one of NASA's challenges.

Finalist teams – CSA's challenges
Teams Chapters Challenges
Ember AI Halifax Spot that fire V3.0
Spotifyre Ottawa Spot that fire V3.0
3.14Heads Toronto Can you hear me now?
Rocking Rover Toronto (youth) A flood of ideas
Open Intelli Data Waterloo Planet, with people
HAP-Hazzard Hunters Calgary Automated Detection of Hazards
Pixel Partners Vancouver Better together

The CSA would like to thank the local organizers. A special thank you to the participants who chose to showcase Canada's open data. Their passion and determination inspired us greatly.

Congratulations to the finalists and winners!

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