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14 breathtaking photographs of Canada from space

Canada is known for its landscapes changing with the seasons, but nothing can compare to the view the astronauts get from the International Space Station (ISS). To appreciate our country coast to coast, here are 14 images of Canada that are literally out of this world, from West to East.

Sunrise on Western Canada

Sunrise on Western Canada. (Credit: NASA)

Sun on Vancouver Island

The ocean around Vancouver Island reflecting the sun. (Credits: ESA, NASA)

Vancouver city

Vancouver city, photographed by astronaut Tim Kopra, from the ISS. (Credit: NASA)

Heiltskuk Icefield

The Heiltskuk Icefield covers approximately 3,600 square kilometers of the southern Coast Mountains of British Columbia. (Credit: NASA)

Saskatchewan River

Part of the Saskatchewan River delta, in Manitoba. The floods following the construction of Grand Rapids Dam, in , created shallow, muddy lakes and bogs (dark green and blue irregular areas). (Credit: NASA)

Whiting Event in Lake Ontario

The exceptional color of the water in Lake Ontario is due to the formation of calcium carbonate. Increased photosynthesis and changes in water temperature allow this to happen. It is those calcium carbonate particles that cause the lightening ("whiting") of the water. (Credit: NASA)

The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes, shot by NASA's astronaut Terry W. Virts from the ISS. (Credit: NASA).

Melting sea ice in James Bay

Melting sea ice in James Bay. (Credit: NASA)

Saint Lawrence River

St Lawrence's mouth, where the Great Lakes pour into the sea. (Credit: NASA)

The International Space Station as it flew over Eastern Quebec

The ISS flies over Eastern Quebec, while Canadarm2 is about to release Kounotori2. In the background, we see the Gaspé Peninsula, Anticosti Island and Prince Edward Island. (Credit: NASA)

Montreal Lights

Eastern Quebec at night where we distinguish the illuminated area of Montreal. (Credit: NASA)

Spring in Newfoundland

A cloud-free image of Newfoundland, photographed in spring 2016 by astronaut Tim Peake. (Credits: ESA, NASA)

Belle Isle surrounded by ice

Belle Isle, Newfoundland and Labrador, surrounded by sea ice in winter. (Credit: NASA)

Canada from Space

This mosaic of Canada is made from 121 images captured by Canadian satellite RADARSAT-2. These images were acquired from to . The color variation represents the changes in soil texture, roughness and the level of soil moisture. (Credit: RADARSAT-2 Data and Products © MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., . In collaboration with the Canadian Ice Service. All Rights Reserved. RADARSAT is an official mark of the Canadian Space Agency)

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