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Astronaut candidate's profile

The candidates participating in the astronaut selection process all have unique journeys and outstanding qualities and skills. You can read their remarkable profiles here.

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Schliewinsky, Kharim

Kharim Schliewinsky

Where were you born?
London, Ontario, Canada

Where do you currently live?
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


  • Bachelor's, physics and space science – Royal Roads Military College
  • Doctorate, medicine – Dalhousie University
  • Family medicine residency – University of Ottawa

Photo of the astronaut candidate during the aptitude tests. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

What is your current job?

General Duty Medical Officer, Advanced Diving Medicine Officer, Canadian Armed Forces - I work as a general practitioner, caring for Canadian military members, and American military members and their families posted in Ottawa. I do a lot of occupational medicine, assessing the health and fitness of members in relation to the physical and mental demands of their jobs. I'm also specialized in assessing divers and their fitness to meet the demands of military diving, which is also one of my passions.

Why do you want to become an astronaut?

I've wanted to be an astronaut since I was a kid watching the Apollo missions to the moon. I was fascinated by the adventure beyond our world. For me now, it's an opportunity to represent Canada as part of an international team developing space travel and new technology. It's a rare opportunity to combine my passion for science, medicine, and fitness, while using my skills gained from various professional experiences.

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