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Astronaut candidate's profile

The candidates participating in the astronaut selection process all have unique journeys and outstanding qualities and skills. You can read their remarkable profiles here.

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Jamieson, John William

John William Jamieson

Where were you born?
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Where do you currently live?
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada


  • Bachelor's, geology – University of Alberta
  • Master's, geochemistry – University of Maryland
  • Ph.D., marine geology – University of Ottawa

Photo of the astronaut candidate during the aptitude tests. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

What is your current job?

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Marine Geology, Department of Earth Sciences at Memorial University of Newfoundland - My students and I use deep-sea human-occupied, remotely operated, and autonomous submersibles launched from research vessels to explore and map the ocean floor. We conduct research on tectonic, volcanic, and hydrothermal processes that occur on the sea floor, including the collection of rock samples for mineralogical, geochemical and radioisotope analyses back in the laboratory. I also teach undergraduate and graduate Earth Science courses on topics ranging from marine exploration to economic geology.

Why do you want to become an astronaut?

My career as a geologist has been driven by a passion for exploration, discovery, and scientific understanding. In this way, the job of both an astronaut and geologist are very similar. Having ventured down to the depths of our oceans, I yearn to continue exploring, and space—be it the International Space Station, the Moon, or even further—is the ultimate destination for discovery. The opportunity to be a part of this endeavour, and share these accomplishments and challenges with the rest of the world, would be a challenge and tremendous honour.

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