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Raymond Fournier

Raymond Fournier

Raymond Fournier

Professionnal informations

Independent science journalist




Region of Raymond Fournier
Longueuil, QC


  • French

Activities sectors

  • Astronomy / solar system
  • Astrophysics
  • Careers in space
  • Mars exploration
  • Space exploration
  • Launch vehicles / rockets
  • Microgravity
  • Science satellites
  • Planetary science

Conferences types

  • Virtual conferences
  • In-person conferences anywhere in the country


Bachelor’s degree in public administration, Université du Québec à Montréal Science studies (astronomy and sociology of science), TELUQ Studies in astrophysics, astronomy and science, Université de Montréal Master’s-level microprogram in science communication and journalism, Université Laval


Science journalist and resident blogger, Agence Science-Presse Speaker and science communicator, Réseau Technoscience (since 2004) Speaker, Fédération des astronomes amateurs du Québec (since 2001) Visiting professor, Université du troisième âge, Faculty of Education, Université de Sherbrooke Astronomy and artistic photography professor, Continuing Education Centre, Cégep de Sherbrooke (2010 to 2015) Astronomy guide / activity leader, ASTROLab du Mont-Mégantic (2008 to 2019) Amateur astronomer and astrophotographer

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