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Tanya Harrison

Tanya Harrison

Tanya Harrison

Professionnal informations

Chief Scientist, Professional Martian LLC
Professional Martian LLC




Region of Tanya Harrison
London, ON


  • English

Activities sectors

  • Careers in space
  • Equity and diversity in STEM
  • Mars exploration
  • Space exploration
  • Earth observation satellites and environment
  • Planetary science

Conferences types

  • Virtual conferences
  • In-person conferences anywhere in the country


*Ph.D. in Geology with a specialization in Planetary Science and Exploration from the University of Western Ontario *Masters in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Wesleyan University *B.Sc. in Astronomy and Physics from the University of Washington


Dr. Tanya Harrison calls herself a “professional martian.” She has spent the last decade working as a scientist and in mission operations on multiple NASA Mars missions, including the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers. Her specialty lies in geomorphology: the study of a planet’s evolution based on its surface features. Before Mars however, Tanya had her head in the stars as an astronomer studying the metal content of star clusters and recurring novae systems. She holds a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Western Ontario, a Masters in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Wesleyan University, and a B.Sc. in Astronomy and Physics from the University of Washington. Currently she is the Manager of Science Programs at Planet Federal, the federal arm of Planet Labs, and the Chief Scientist for her company Professional Martian LLC, providing space consulting and outreach services. Tanya is also an advocate for advancing the status of women in science and for accessibility in the geosciences. You can find her prolifically tweeting about the Red Planet as @tanyaofmars.

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