State of the Canadian Space Sector

President's Message

Sylvain Laporte, President of the Canadian Space Agency

I am honoured to present the State of the Canadian Space Sector Report, covering the results from our survey. This report provides comprehensive information on the economic activity generated in the Canadian space sector and highlights the impact of space investments on the economy. It is based on information gathered from over 160 organizations involved in space activities from across Canada, including small businesses, multinational space companies, not-for-profit organizations, research centres and universities.

The annual State of the Canadian Space Sector Report, which we have been publishing since , is the primary reference on the Canadian space sector. It contributes to our understanding of the sector by providing reliable and authoritative data, as well as long-term trend analysis.

In , the space sector achieved revenues of $5.3B with a workforce of nearly 10,000. Upstream segment activities related to research, engineering and manufacturing accounted for $0.9B, while downstream segment operations, products and services accounted for $4.4B. Domestic revenues decreased from to , however exports increased year-over-year. Overall, the space sector contributes $2.7B to Canada's GDP and supports over 24,000 jobs in the greater national economy.

The space sector is highly innovative and generates products and services that benefit Canadians every day. The survey results show that Business Expenditures on Research and Development (BERD) and the sector's overall R&D intensity were higher than ever, with investments of $256M in R&D. The academic sector also continued to be an important part of the space sector, representing nearly 20% of the workforce and six of the sector's top thirty space organizations in terms of space-related revenues or research funding.

I trust you will find this publication useful. I would like to thank all those who contributed to the survey, which made this publication possible.

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