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Departmental Evaluation Plan - to -

Audit and Evaluation Directorate

Planned evaluation coverage over the next five fiscal years
Program Last evaluation Evaluation planned in the next 5 years Fiscal year of approval - Program spending covered by the planned evaluation
- Total planned program spending
Rationale for not evaluating Program or spending
Space Exploration Human Space Missions and ISS Utilization, - Human Space Exploration To be determined – Evaluation will start in - 120,421,838 144,531,062 N/A
Robotic Space Exploration - 24,109,224
Space Utilization Sun-Earth System Science Business Line, - Observations systems - 61,004,974 71,973,264 N/A
Data Utilization and Application Development - 10,968,290
Space Capacity Development Space Capacity Development, - Space Capacity Development To be determined – Evaluation will start in - 74,865,008 129,563,992 N/A
ESA Contribution Program - 54,698,984
Class Grant and Contribution Program Class Grant and Contribution Program, - Class Grant and Contribution Program - Spread above Spread above N/A
Internal Services N/A N/A N/A 0 57,562,354 Non-mandatory
N/A N/A Thematic evaluation on Gender-based analysis Plus - 0 0 N/A
Total N/A N/A N/A 346,068,318 403,630,672 N/A

Class G&C Program is spread across several program elements.

The thematic evaluation on Gender-based analysis Plus covers all CSA programs.

Spendings are based on main estimates for -.

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