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Performance results for the internal audit function – March 31, 2018

Audit and Evaluation Directorate

Questions and answers on compliance attributes of internal audit
Number Questions on Compliance Attributes of Internal Audit Answers on Compliance Attributes of Internal Audit
1. Do internal auditors at the CSA have the training required to do the job effectively?

The organizational chart of the audit function consists of 5 employees who occupy the following positions:

  • Chief Audit Executive
  • Internal Audit Project Leader
  • Senior Internal Auditor
  • Intermediate Internal Auditor
  • Internal Auditor

1 a) Percentage of staff with a professional designation :

  • 40% of staff (2 of 5) have a Certified Internal Auditor designation (CIA)
  • 80% of staff (4 of 5) have a Chartered Professional Accountant designation (CPA)

1 b) Percentage of staff with a professional designation in progress:

  • 20% of staff (1 of 5) is in process of obtaining a Certified Internal Auditor designation (CIA)

1 c) Percentage of staff holding other designations :

  • 0% of staff hold other designations
Are multidisciplinary teams in place to address diverse risks? The internal audit function has the necessary skills and experience to carry out the risk-based internal audit plan. The audit function employees have general knowledge of risk management, management control, and governance processes. When specific skills are required, such as information technology, external providers' services may be retained.
2. Is internal audit work performed in conformance with the international standards for the profession of internal audit as required by Treasury Board policy? An audit manual containing specific procedures to ensure the application of international standard for the internal audit profession guides the audit work.

2 a) In , the Audit Committee members were informed of the results of the external assessment of professional practices carried out in . The assessments' conclusions, as well as opportunities for improvement, were presented.

Moreover, the practices in place regarding the quality assurance program were presented to the Audit Committee members in .

2 b) The date of the last external assessment of professional practices was conducted in .
3. Are the RBAPs submitted to audit committees and approved by deputy heads implemented as original planned with resulting reports published? Is management acting on audit recommendations for improvements to departmental processes? During -, CSA completed all the audit projects planned in the RBAP approved by the Audit Committee in . Every audit report was published within 90 days of the approval date. With respect to the audit recommendations, the implementation rate of management action plans for - was 89%.

3 a) Name and status of audit for the current fiscal year of the RBAP

3 b) Date on which the audit report was approved

3 c) Date on which the audit report was published

3 d) Original planned date for completion of all management action plan (MAP) items

3 e) Status of MAP items :

4. Is internal audit credible and adding value in support of the mandate and strategic objectives of the organization? The internal audit aims to add value in support of the organization's objectives and conducts a survey of the audited entity after each audit to measure the effectiveness and to identify opportunities for improvement.

4 a) The average overall usefulness rating from senior management of areas audited in - is:

  • Excellent : 33%
  • Good : 66%

A surveys of the satisfaction of two entities was conducted during -, for a total of 3 respondents.

Internal audit reports list
Number Internal Audit Title Audit Status Report Approval Date Report Publication Date Original Planned MAP Completion Date Implementation Status
1. Audit of the Management Framework for Safety and Mission Assurance Published: an action remains to be completed 75%
2. Occupational Health and Safety Audit Published: action plan in progress 35%
3. Access to Information Audit Audit in process - - - -
4. Audit of Management Framework of Space Technology Development Program Audit in process - - - -
5. Follow-up Audit – Directive on Travel, Hospitality, Conference and Event Expenditures Planned Audit - - - -
6. Audit of the Management Framework for Grants and Contributions Planned Audit - - - -
7. Project Management Framework Audit Planned Audit - - - -
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