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Grants awarded to support industry-academia collaborative space research products

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) recently awarded six grants totalling close to $1,030,000 to support industry-academia collaborative space research projects at Canadian universities.

To be eligible, the projects had to have already received an NSERC Alliance grant for research on a topic related to one of the priorities identified in the Space Strategy for Canada or to further the research in the field of quantum technology.

This CSA initiative seeks to support research projects that will contribute to the development of new scientific knowledge and space technologies, while making it possible for a larger number of students to acquire hands-on experience in the space industry.

A list of the supported projects and their respective funding amounts is presented below.

Table 1 : Projects and grant value
Institution Project Grant value
University of Victoria
British Columbia
Spatial-temporal resilience of kelp forests in the face of changing conditions in British Columbia, Canada $167,932
Université Laval
Silv@21 – Advancing Silviculture in Canadian Forests: Adapting to New Realities from Seed to Timber $300,000
McGill University
Methods for Simulation and Control of Advanced Space Robotic Systems associated with the NSERC Alliance Grant project "High-Performance Dynamics and Simulation of Mechanical Systems" $198,000
Carleton University
Deep Space Food: Developing a Waste-Free and Sustainable Circular Food System Using Insects and Micro-Algae $177,061
University of Waterloo
Improving a new unmanned stratospheric glider platform for Earth observation and satellite testing $85,800
York University
MIP-based Microfluidic Sensor for Salivary Multiplex Detection of Biological and Chemical Health Factors in Space Conditions $100,000

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