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Space Apps Challenge 2022: Congratulations to the winners!

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is proud to have participated in the 11th annual NASA Space Apps Challenge. From to , participants were invited to create innovative applications and solutions to different challenges using data from 11 international space agency partners.

This year the CSA offered four different challenges that participants could attempt to tackle: exploring the distant universe with the James Webb Space Telescope, the space survival adventure, the global methane pledge, and finally an asteroid delivery service. Teams had to pick just one to focus for the weekend hackathon and present a solution. Participants also had the option to take on one of NASA's many challenges.

Participants from Halifax, Inuvik, Mississauga, Vancouver, Hamilton, Ottawa, and Calgary joined forces with people from various backgrounds, professions, and interests from around the world to solve challenges using Canadian open data. The CSA would like to welcome Inuvik, as this was their first year participating in the event.

The CSA collaborated with the local chapters by providing mentors throughout the hackathon on site and via a collaborative platform. CSA employees also provided workshops relating to the challenges, including the James Webb Space Telescope, the CSA's open data portal, atmospheric methane, space situational awareness, and overall tips and tricks for submitting projects. This 48-hour event was filled with learning, innovating, and opportunities for the participants to challenge themselves in new ways.

New this year, the CSA offered a unique structure – offering four challenges in two streams based on level of complexity: Stargazer (regular) and Moonwalker (advanced). This is the first time this was done in the challenge's history. We hope to continue to encourage various participation levels including youth, by offering challenges with various levels of difficulty.


 The CSA is happy to announce the winners of the CSA Space Apps Stargazer challenge:

  1. First place – Canadian Geese team (Mississauga)
  2. Second place – Narek's team (Inuvik)
  3. Third place – Liparit's team (Inuvik)

 The CSA is happy to announce the winners of the CSA Space Apps Moonwalker challenge:

  1. First place – Galaxy Hunters team (Hamilton)
  2. Second place – SAIT Code Club team (Calgary)
  3. Third place – Moonwalker-HUD team (Hamilton)

The CSA would like to thank all local organizers and the participants who chose to highlight Canada's open data. Their passion and determination inspired us greatly.

Congratulations to the finalists and winners! We hope to see you at the event.

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