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Statement from Canadian Space Agency President Lisa Campbell on the successful completion of the Artemis I mission

Image of Earth and Orion

On the first day of the Artemis I mission, this image of Earth was captured as Orion heads to the Moon. (Credit: NASA)

Today, following the safe return of NASA's Orion capsule after a 25.5-day mission around the Moon, Canadian Space Agency President Lisa Campbell made the following statement:

"Congratulations to NASA and ESA on the successful conclusion of the Artemis I mission. During this 25.5-day uncrewed test flight, the Space Launch System (SLS) sent the Orion capsule and its European Service Module into lunar orbit. This flight is the result of many years of hard work by a dedicated team whose efforts have helped usher in a new era of deep-space exploration.

We just witnessed the first of a multi-mission campaign aimed at bringing sustainable human presence to the Moon's orbit and its surface. By effectively demonstrating Orion and SLS capabilities, Artemis I has laid a vital foundation for the future of human exploration into deep space. These systems will support astronauts during long-term missions, and pave the way for establishing a permanent presence on the Moon, and ultimately, human missions to Mars. This new era of international collaboration in space exploration will push the boundaries of scientific and technological advancements for the benefit of humankind, and inspire a new generation in the pursuit of science and discovery.

In 2024, Canada is set to make history when a Canadian Space Agency astronaut flies around the Moon as part of Artemis II, the first crewed mission of the Artemis program. Thanks to our contribution of Canadarm3 to the Lunar Gateway, Canada has not only secured two astronaut flights to the Moon's orbit, but also benefits from a range of opportunities to conduct cutting-edge lunar science, technology demonstration and commercial activities. Our space legacy is more alive than ever: Canadians of all ages and backgrounds are eagerly waiting to see how this new chapter unfolds."

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