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Contributions awarded under the STDP – Technology demonstration AO

Funding for technology demonstration

Following the SDTP – Technology demonstration AO issued in , the Canadian Space Agency awarded contributions to support the Canadian space industry in the demonstration of technology. More specifically, to gain flight heritage for potential commercial sales; for validation or qualification of an eventual scientific instrument; to demonstrate a new product, service or application.

List of contributions awarded
Organization Contribution value Project
Kepler Communications Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
$2,000,000 On-orbit demonstration of low Earth orbit (LEO) optical and RF satellite data relay service for real-time data downlink and tracking, telemetry, and control
Félix & Paul Studios Inc.
Montreal, Quebec
$1,999,966 Virtual Reality Camera System (VRCS) Flight Demonstration
GALAXIA Mission Systems Inc.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
$1,722,000 Demonstration of the Möbius satellite constellation, a software-defined Earth observation platform
Reaction Dynamics Lab Inc.
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec
$2,000,000 Flight Demo of an Eco-friendly Hybrid Propulsion System for Orbital Space Transportation
GHGSat Inc.
Montreal, Quebec
$2,000,000 On-Orbit Demonstration of Grating Spectrometer Technology for Satellite-Based Methane Monitoring

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