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About the Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program

Canada has joined humanity's return to the Moon – this time to stay. The Canadian Space Agency is preparing Canada's space community and collaborating sectors – including Canadian companies, universities, research institutions, and other organizations – for potential roles in the long-term exploration of the Moon, a crucial stepping stone in humanity's quest to travel onwards to Mars. The Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program (LEAP) was created to provide a wide range of opportunities for Canadian science and technology activities in lunar orbit, on the Moon's surface, and beyond.

LEAP is looking to foster innovation in areas of strength for Canada, like artificial intelligence, robotics, science and health. It will support the commercialization of innovative ideas from Canadian industry, including small and medium-sized businesses, in order to help them become an integral part of the growing new-space economy. The scientific and technological advancements stemming from LEAP are expected to generate tangible benefits for Canadians in their everyday lives.



LEAP has a total budget of $150 million over five years to support technology development, in-space demonstration and science missions. Available budget will vary depending on the funding opportunities issued by the program.


For-profit and not-for-profit organizations established and operating in Canada, including members of the industry or academia, are eligible. Specific eligibility is indicated in each funding opportunity.


LEAP will prepare Canada's space sector for involvement in lunar and deep-space exploration through a portfolio of activities that includes the following:

Portfolio of activities
# Program element Objectives Clients
1 Contribution to partner agencies' selected missions Delivery of Canadian science instrument(s) or technology destined for the Moon or beyond selected by a partner space agency. Industry and academia
2 Announcement of Opportunity – Capability demonstration Contributions to support the development of a proto-flight model, and its adaptation, delivery, integration, and launch as a Canadian payload, which will result in a first attempt for Canada to demonstrate this science and/or technology on the Moon and beyond. Industry and academia
3 Lunar science support Support a variety of science initiatives targeting the Moon or beyond. This includes co-investigator grants, research grants, scholarship grants as well as community engagement initiatives. Academia
4 Planning and preparation for future mission and technologies Development of mission concepts and technologies to position Canada for future lunar and deep-space exploration missions. Industry and academia
5 Announcement of Opportunity – Technology development for the lunar supply chain Contribution to the development of technologies that have garnered interest in the field of lunar missions and to consequently increase the commercial potential of Canadian space companies for the lunar economy. Industry
6 Lunar science / technology payloads Development, launch and operation of a Canadian micro-rover technology demonstrator and of one or more Canadian science instruments to be flown on international lunar exploration missions. Industry and academia


If you have any questions regarding LEAP, contact us at Your questions will be answered in our frequently asked questions section.

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