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About the Government Related Initiatives Program

The Government Related Initiatives Program (GRIP) fosters the use of Canada's space resources by the Government of Canada. The program focuses on developing government use of space-based land, ocean, and atmospheric observation systems and services. By providing technical guidance for the optimum use of space-based technologies supported by the Government of Canada, GRIP helps derive the maximum benefit from investment by Canada and the international Earth observation (EO) community.

Government of Canada decision makers and the Canadian public are better served through GRIP because it supports the analysis of EO data, and the integration of this data and derived environmental parameters into geospatial information products. This integration process helps create better predictive models of the land-ocean-atmosphere environmental system. GRIP also supports the use of satellite navigation and communications, as well Internet and terrestrial wireless communication technology, where these are required for the acquisition and distribution of EO information products.


While the overall goal of GRIP is to optimize the government's of use of EO technologies and resources, some specific aims of the program are:

Lead departments

In partnership with other Government of Canada departments and agencies, the GRIP mandate is to lead the research, development, demonstration and implementation of effective and efficient uses of EO technology.

Thematic areas

Based on the Canadian Space-based EO Strategy and associated program plans, GRIP-funded projects mainly focus on three thematic areas of Government priority: environment, resource and land use management, and security and foreign policy.


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