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Opportunities provided by the European Space Agency (ESA)

Several opportunities are provided to Canadian organizations and students through the Canada-ESA Cooperation Agreement.

Opportunities for Canadian organizations

Canadian companies, universities and research centres interested in bidding on contracts for programs in which Canada participates may consult ESA’s Industry Portal to obtain information on how to do business with ESA, including the latest opportunities (invitations to tender and announcements of opportunity).

How to submit a bid under programs requiring a letter of support

A letter of support from the Canadian delegation to ESA is required to submit a bid for the programs listed below in order to make sure that funds are available and that the proposed activity is aligned with Canadian priorities. If you intend to submit a bid, please see the CSA’s notice about the program and the procedure to seek funding under that program and contact us at

For all other programs in which Canada participates, you may respond directly to ESA’s opportunities.

Opportunities for students and educators

Some of ESA's opportunities for students and educators are also available to Canadians. Please visit ESA’s Education Portal to find out more about these opportunities.


Should you have any questions about the cooperation between Canada and the ESA, contact us at

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