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Use of the Canadian Space Agency logo

Guidelines for collaborators and contractors

If you have a collaborative arrangement with us, you may recognize the Canadian Space Agency's (CSA's) contributions by displaying our collaborative logo on your communication products so long as you do not use it:

The CSA reserves the right to remove the possibility of using our logo from collaborators or contractors who do not comply with these guidelines, or whose use of the logo we deem inappropriate, at our sole discretion.

Depending on the space you have, you can use a horizontal or vertical composition. Be sure to leave some clear space around the logo to keep it separate from other graphics or partner symbols, and that the background is plain enough so that people can clearly see the logo.

CSA collaborative logos

The following logos are available as low-resolution PNG files, suitable for use in digital products. Click on an image to download the corresponding file.

For light backgrounds

Vertical composition

Horizontal composition

For dark backgrounds

Vertical composition

Horizontal composition

Circular version of the CSA logo

In exceptional cases where the horizontal or vertical logo versions are not suitable, such as when available space for the collaborative logo would render the text too small to read, you may opt to use the circular version of the logo.

For light backgrounds

For dark backgrounds

Collaborations involving multiple government departments

In cases where an activity involves two or more Government of Canada departments, you should use the Canada wordmark or the Government of Canada signature. See Official Symbols in Partnering Activities for more details.

Related instructions: recognition of the CSA's contributions in text format

When recognizing the CSA's contributions in text format, you should avoid using language that may create the perception of sponsorship or direct promotion.


If you have any questions about these guidelines, or if you require alternative logo formats, please contact

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