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Biography of John H. Chapman (-)

John Chapman envisioned Canada using space to address communications and resource management needs, and promoted its peaceful use.

By the time he outlined his vision in a white paper for the government in , he had already helped Canada become the third nation in space. The Canadian Space Program and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) are the realization of his life's work.

John H. Chapman

Credit: Communications Research Center Canada (CRC)

"In the second century of Confederation, the fabric of Canadian society will be held together by strands in space just as strongly as railway and telegraphy held together the scattered provinces in the last century."

John H. Chapman

Today, Canada is an international leader in communications, space robotics and remote sensing satellites and these technologies are a strategic part of Canadian infrastructure and research.

The John H. Chapman Award of Excellence is a tribute to a renowned person whose vision for the development of space reflects Canada's values as much as its present and future needs.

With this award, the CSA honours John H. Chapman's foresight and his lifetime of dedication to space innovation, ingenuity, and excellence.

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