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  1. Chris Hadfield on how eyesight is affected in space

    4 years ago |1,859 views

    2013-04-09 - To better understand how vision is impacted in the space environment, astronauts use onboard medical instruments like the tonometer...

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  2. Chris Hadfield on how Astronauts Shave in Space

    4 years ago |3,288 views

    2013-04-08 - How do astronauts shave in space? ISS Commander Chris Hadfield demonstrates.

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  3. Chris' Kitchen: Dessert in Space

    4 years ago |1,720 views

    2013-04-29 - Commander Chris Hadfield shares an astronaut's dessert with us. On the menu is floating chocolate pudding cake and coffee—served...

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  4. Chris Hadfield Brushes his Teeth in Space

    4 years ago |5,068 views

    2013-03-31 - Canadian astronaut and Commander of Expedition 35 answers a question about how astronauts brush their teeth in space. You might...

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  5. CSA Presents: The Hadfield Shake

    4 years ago |286 views

    2013-03-28 - To maintain their bone and muscle mass, astronauts need to work out two hours everyday. CSA Astronaut and Commander Chris Hadfield...

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  6. Chris' Kitchen Part Deux: Space Spinach Strikes Back

    4 years ago |2,871 views

    2013-03-20 - In our last episode, CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield used the force--er, microgravity--to make a peanut butter and honey tortilla...

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  7. Chris Hadfield and some incredibly floating Canadian space food

    4 years ago |1,112 views

    2013-03-11 - During today's video downlink with students from Airdie, Edmonton, Chris Hadfield describes how taste changes in weightlessness...

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  8. Chris Hadfied at the International Space Salon

    4 years ago |10,894 views

    2013-03-08 - Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield filmed a recent "clip and buzz" in the weightless environment of the ISS: International Space...

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  9. Chris Hadfield gets tough on Space Station spills

    4 years ago |189 views

    2013-03-06 - CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield gives us a demonstration of how astronauts clean up spills on the International Space Station (ISS

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  10. Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen

    4 years ago |2,078 views

    2013-02-18 - Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shows us his "kitchen" in space and prepares a 0-g treat. Free-floating food-eating ensues,...

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