Image Gallery

Red river deltas on Madagascar's west coast

Auroras below Canadarm2

Italy from space

Lakes and glaciers of Patagonia, South America

London, Paris and Brussels light the night

Amazing close-up of Saturn's rings

Latest numbers on Canada's astronaut recruitment campaign (December 1, 2016)

Astonishing light trail view from the ISS

A mind at work: example of a brain scan from the Wayfinding study

A sample task from the Wayfinding study

A head-spinning photo from the Vection study's Tumbling Room

Vection study's Edgeless Graphics Geometry (EGG) large-field display

RADARSAT-2 image of Vancouver

The International Space Station Robotic External Leak Locator (IRELL)

An unplanned spacewalk

Tropical Storm Otto over Panama

Road landslide

Rock landslide

Careers linked to Space Exploration – People behind the 2016 Mars Sample Return Simulation - Infographic

Cygnus departing the International Space Station

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