Meet Dextre, the International Space Station's Robotic Handyman

Full Name Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (which is why I'm called "Dextre" for short!)
Birthday March 16, 2008. That's the day I was assembled on board the International Space Station (ISS) on by spacewalkers Richard Linnehan and Mike Foreman.
Occupation Space handyman and guinea pig for testing new robotics technologies
Location Here, there and everywhere on the ISS
Employer Canadian Space Agency
Built by MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. in Brampton, Ontario
Height 3,7 metres (12 feet, or about as high as two humans!)
Width (across the shoulders) 2,37 metres (7,7 feet)
Arm length (each) 3,35 metres (11 feet)
Mass 1560 kg (3440 lbs)

I began my education at the School of Hard Knocks! I had a bit of a start when I first came to auto-cognizance. I woke up on the ISS while zooming around the Earth at almost 28,000 km/h at 350 km in altitude! But I didn't have much time to take in the sights since I had to get to work. Like any newborn, I had to learn to see properly and be able to tell my left hand from my right. I also had to figure out why I was hearing voices in my head: it turned out to be the crew of the Space Station and mission controllers on the ground!.

I was lucky since I had almost all the information I needed to get up-to-speed quickly. Now, whenever I have to learn something new, it just takes me a minute or two and *blink,* I get it and am ready to go. Otherwise, I get on-the-job training. My mentors are the astronaut spacewalkers who have gone before and have laid out the path for robots like me.

Claim to fame I'm the most sophisticated space robot ever built (blush!)
Pet peeve Waiting for Mission Control to say, "Dextre, we have a problem..."
Aspiration Be the grand daddy for all future dexterous space robots.
Most likely to Arm wrestle with a spacewalking astronaut! (Just kidding!)