Space to Spoon Travelling Exhibition

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What is the link between the satellites in orbit and what’s on our plates? The Space to Spoon exhibition answers that question! It highlights the use of Earth observation satellite data and its impact on the food we eat.

The exhibition allows visitors to:

  • find out about the Canadian RADARSAT-2 satellite and the RADARSAT Constellation;
  • understand how radar data is gathered, processed and interpreted;
  • learn how satellite applications are used in agriculture.

Satellites and agriculture

Learn how satellite data fosters the development of sustainable agriculture and helps farmers better manage resources such as water, pesticide and fertilizer.

The exhibition was designed by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, in Ottawa, in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency. It is made up of four modules that include:

  • videos;
  • a RADARSAT-2 replica;
  • photos;
  • stunning satellite images.

RADARSAT-2 Model. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

Exhibition itinerary

The exhibition itinerary is posted in our event calendar.

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