Inviting a Canadian Space Agency astronaut or other speaker

Canadian Space Agency astronauts

Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronauts David Saint-Jacques (left) and Jeremy Hansen take part in an event at CSA HQ in July 2011. (Credit: CSA)

If you would like to invite a Canadian Space Agency (CSA) staff member to speak at an event or school, then this is where to start. Astronauts, scientists, and engineers are available for speaking engagements.

Our speakers are trained to adapt their presentations to many occasions and meet the needs of various types of audience. Many topics can be addressed, for example:

  • the benefits of the Canadian Space Program
  • space exploration
  • the use of satellites to observe the Earth
  • human space flight
  • careers in space
  • astronomy
  • space life sciences
  • physical science

Organizations and schools that would like to have a Canadian astronaut or other CSA speaker deliver a presentation or speech must submit a formal request. Please note that our astronauts currently available for presentations are David Saint-Jacques and Jeremy Hansen.

**Speaking requests for Chris Hadfield**

Chris Hadfield retired from the CSA on July 3, 2013.

If you are a primary or secondary school:
The CSA continues to coordinate school (primary and secondary only) presentations for Col. Chris Hadfield. However, we have been informed that his schedule is fully booked until at least October 2014.

All other speaking requests:
Speakers' Spotlight
Toll-Free: 1-800-333-4453
Telephone: 416-345-1559

Request for inviting an astronaut or a speaker

For more information on inviting a CSA speaker, or for a hard copy of this form, please contact:

Canadian Space Agency

Communications Branch
General inquiries
Telephone: 450-926-4351
Fax: 450-926-4352

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Space Program.