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Canadian Space Agency statement regarding charges to a former employee

On a former employee of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) was charged with breach of trust by a public officer.

The CSA takes the security of information and people very seriously. When concerns about this individual's private activities outside of their employment arose, the CSA took actions, including an internal inquiry and restricting access to information. As measures increased, the employment ceased, in .

The CSA brought forward its concerns to the RCMP and has actively collaborated with the investigation. We cannot comment further on a matter before the court.

From the onset, the CSA took appropriate measures as an employer, and continues to strengthen security measures to protect information, individuals and assets in support of its trusted delivery of government programs and services. The CSA is confident that these measures protect against the threat of improper disclosure of information including those in violation of the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector and the Directive on Conflict of Interest.

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