Report on Annual Expenditures for Travel, Hospitality and Conferences for the Canadian Space Agency

As required by the Treasury Board Directive on Travel, Hospitality and Conference and Event Expenditures, this report provides information on the total annual expenditures for travel, hospitality and conference attendance fees for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) for the fiscal year ending , except for information withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act.

Travel, hospitality and conferences expenditures incurred by the CSA are related to activities that support departmental mandate and the government's priorities.

The CSA's travel, hospitality and conference expenditures support the delivery of core programs and services to Canadians.

The CSA's mandate is to promote the peaceful use and development of space, to advance the knowledge of space through science and to ensure that space science and technology provide social and economic benefits for Canadian.

The CSA is achieving this mandate in cooperation with Government of Canada organizations, Canadian academia, Canadian industry and international space agencies. The CSA's expenditures for travel, hospitality and conference are mainly incurred in order to maintain these different collaborations.

Information on the CSA's mission, mandate and Act is available trough the CSA's website and information on program activities through the 2018–2019 Departmental Plan and the Departmental Results Report.

Travel, Hospitality and Conference Expenditures

Canadian Space Agency
Year ended
($ thousands)
Expenditure Category Expenditures
for the year ending

for the year ending

Travel - Operational activities 3,543 3,427 116
Travel - Key stakeholders 217 122 95
Travel - Internal governance 16 17 (1)
Travel - Training 280 328 (48)
Travel - Other 87 220 (133)
A- Total Travel expenditures 4,143 4,114 29
B- Hospitality 59 65 (6)
C- Conference fees 31 44 (13)
Total Travel, Hospitality & Conference fees (A+B+C) 4,233 4,223 10
International travel by minister and minister's staff (included in travel) - - -

Significant variances compared with previous fiscal year

No significant variances occurred.

Travel: N/A

Hospitality: N/A

Conference fees: N/A

Minister and minister's exempt staff: N/A

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