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  1. Jagriti Luitel: creating a path to space

    2 weeks ago |39 views

    2023-01-20– Jagriti Luitel, Canadian Space Agency intern, explains where her passion for space came from and how this interest influenced her life choices.

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  2. Photographing the Moon with your phone

    1 month ago |41 views

    2022-12-23 – Capturing photographs of the Moon can be a challenge. Learn how to take great pictures of the Moon using a smartphone. Adding a tripod or telescope and mount can allow you to get even clearer images.

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  3. CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen inspired by “Earthrise”

    1 month ago |40 views

    2022-12-21 – Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen tells the story of how the crew of Apollo 8 captured the infamous “Earthrise” photo as they came around the backside of the...

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  4. Season's Greetings and Happy New Year from the Canadian Space Agency!

    1 month ago |4 views

    2022-12-19 –The Canadian Space Agency wishes you a happy holiday season!

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  5. Webinar on the Space Brain Hack

    1 month ago |27 views

    2022-11-16 - Webinar for educators about the Canadian Space Agency’s Space Brain Hack, an annual learning initiative where youth in Grades 6 to 12 are invited to imagine solutions to real space issues.

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  6. Webinar – Accessing Space: Platforms and Launcher Services

    1 month ago |3 views

    2022-12-14 - Webinar on currently available platforms and launcher services used to place small satellites into orbit hosted by Alfred Ng, Manager, Projects/Programs Portfolio.

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  7. Take part in our Space Brain Hack!

    2 months ago |19 views

    2022-12-09 – Put your thinking caps on! The Canadian Space Agency needs YOUR brain power! If you are in Grades 6 to 12, we want YOU to imagine solutions and innovations to help solve real space...

    CC Transcript

  8. Lunar exploration: The Canadian lunar rover and its payloads

    2 months ago |550 views

    2022-10-18 – The Canadian Space Agency plans to send a rover to the Moon as early as 2026 to explore a polar region. The Canadian company Canadensys was selected to build the rover and the payloads....

    CC Transcript

  9. Canadian CubeSat Project: ready for launch

    3 months ago |112 views

    2022-11-10 – The Canadian CubeSat Project is providing professors in post-secondary institutions with an opportunity to engage their students in a real space mission. Through this national initiative,...

    CC Transcript

  10. Mission: Astronaut – A fun learning game to play at home or in class

    3 months ago |215 views

    2022-11-02 – Mission: Astronaut is an online game to learn about space missions, astronauts, the Moon, health, astronomy and the Webb Telescope! Everyone can play, but it is designed specifically...

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