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  1. A typical balloon launch day

    10 months ago |347 views

    2022-07-29 – Animation that shows what happens during a stratospheric balloon launch day.

    CC Transcript

  2. Strato-Science campaign

    3 years ago |66 views

    2019-08-23 - A quick look at the main steps for launching a stratospheric balloon.


  3. Launch Your Dreams – Krishna Nair's story

    3 years ago |107 views

    2019-08-12 - High-school student Krishna Nair launched her own weather balloon with the help of the Canadian Space Agency. Here's her story.

    CC Transcript

  4. Stratos: the Canadian Space Agency Stratospheric Balloon Program

    9 years ago |1,409 views

    2013-12-13 - This video explains the Canadian Space Agency's Stratospheric Balloon Program, Stratos, and its benefits to Canada. The images were taken during the first balloon campaign in 2013 that took place in Timmins, Ontario, Canada.

    CC Transcript

  5. Preparation of a balloon launch

    9 years ago |3,399 views

    2013-08-02 - This video demonstrates the different steps involved in the preparation of a stratospheric balloon launch. The images were filmed at the Timmins Stratospheric Balloon Base, in Ontario, Canada.


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