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  1. The northern lights

    1 year ago |19,446 views

    2022-03-18 – In this video, discover the northern lights: what they are, how they form, their colours and how to view them.

    CC Transcript

  2. AuroraMAX – Guest cameras

    6 years ago |1,990 views

    2010-10-21 - In addition to the observatory's main camera (the all-sky imager), the AuroraMAX project also uses two high-resolution digital cameras that offer a different perspective of the northern lights.

  3. What causes auroras? – Space weather

    7 years ago |301 views

    2015-06-27 - Solar eruptions produce huge bursts of electrical energy and particles that interact with both the upper atmosphere and the Earth's magnetic field, causing a range of effects including...

    CC Transcript

  4. A different take on the lunar eclipse with the northern lights

    8 years ago |985 views

    2014-04-15 - AuroraMAX's roving camera captured this footage on April 15, 2014, of the total eclipse of the Moon with aurora filling the sky. Watch the close-up video in the lower-right corner to see the...

  5. Total eclipse of the Moon amidst the aurora borealis

    8 years ago |786 views

    2014-04-15 - On April 15, 2014, many early morning skywatchers were treated to total eclipse of the Moon as it passed through Earth's shadow. But few were lucky enough to see both the red Moon and the...

  6. How solar activity impacts Earth

    9 years ago |8,198 views

    2013-12-19 - This computer-generated animation traces the path of an enormous burst of energy (known as a coronal mass ejection) leaving the Sun, slamming into Earth's magnetosphere, reconnecting behind the planet and fueling Sun-induced auroras near the poles.

  7. AuroraMAX

    10 years ago |477 views

    2013-03-19 - The Northern Lights in this high-definition video were captured on the night of March 16-17, 2013, by the AuroraMAX observatory near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. This colourful display...

  8. Snowy owl photobombs aurora observatory

    10 years ago |424 views

    2012-11-02 - Video of a snowy owl warming its feet on an aurora observatory managed by the University of Calgary (AuroraMAX partner).

  9. AuroraMAX: Science is beautiful

    10 years ago |3,845 views

    2012-04-04 - Filmed near Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories, this video is a compilation of thousands of time-lapse photographs of AuroraMAX's most magical moments in 2010 and 2011. When...

  10. Canada's aurora borealis from space - Feb 10, 2012

    10 years ago |193 views

    2012-02-10 - Aurora watchers on Earth (and in space!) were treated to stunning displays of the Northern Lights in early February when a series of solar flares followed by coronal mass ejections (huge bursts...


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