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  1. 10 questions with Jeremy Hansen

    4 months ago |328 views

    2022-04-08 – Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen answers 10 fun questions in 60 seconds!

    CC Transcript

  2. Rockets – narrated by CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen

    1 year ago |134 views

    2020-12-11 - The world of rockets is about to get even more interesting! Learn more about the rockets of today and tomorrow with astronaut Jeremy Hansen.

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  3. Building on a lunar legacy: Canadian astronauts look towards a new chapter of Moon exploration

    3 years ago |593 views

    2019-07-12 - Fifty years ago, Canadian expertise made humanity’s first steps on the Moon possible. Now, Canadian astronauts reflect on that incredible lunar legacy, and look ahead to a future when Canadian astronauts could one day participate in a Moon mission.

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  4. Behind-the-scenes - Robotics Mission Control Centre

    3 years ago |34 views

    2019-02-07 - Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen gives you a tour of the Robotics Mission Control Centre.

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  5. Canadarm2 to capture a spacecraft - CSA simulator

    3 years ago |153 views

    2019-02-07 - Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen explains how astronauts use Canadarm2 to capture a cargo spacecraft when it arrives at the International Space Station.

    CC Transcript

  6. Jeremy Hansen encourages Canadians to go see the Space to Spoon exhibition when it travels to their area

    5 years ago |117 views

    2017-07-24 - Jeremy Hansen, Canadian Space Agency astronaut, introduces the CSA’s new travelling exhibition, Space to Spoon. This exhibition highlights how satellite data helps farmers and impacts the food we eat.

    CC Transcript

  7. Astronauts wanted – Episode 3: Under pressure

    5 years ago |2,793 views

    2017-04-07 - For the fourth time in its history, Canada has found exceptional people ready to push the boundaries of science, innovation and space exploration.

    3772 Canadians responded to the...

    CC Transcript

  8. Jeremy Hansen marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek

    5 years ago |48 views

    2016-09-08 - “Live long and prosper,” says Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen on the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

    CC Transcript

  9. Jeremy Hansen explains why astronauts need to be comfortable in the water

    6 years ago |406 views

    2016-07-25 – Did you know that astronauts do a lot of their training in a pool and that some mission simulations are held in the ocean? Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen explains how important it is for astronaut candidates to have good swimming skills.

    CC Transcript

  10. Jeremy Hansen talks about the lifestyle of an astronaut

    6 years ago |240 views

    2016-07-25 – Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen describes the lifestyle of an astronaut, from basic training to preparation for a mission. Watch the video to learn more about the three main training periods leading up to a space mission and about how astronauts reconcile family, work and extensive travel.

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