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  1. Space in service of agriculture

    1 year ago |295 views

    2022-02-22 – Satellite data fosters the development of sustainable agriculture and helps farmers better manage resources such as water, pesticides and fertilizer. This way, farmers can maximize the use of their lands, which in turn benefits all Canadians.

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  2. The Moon, the natural satellite of Earth

    1 year ago |633 views

    2022-02-11 – In this video, we present some characteristics of the Moon, the natural satellite of Earth.

    The Moon is a rocky body that orbits planet Earth. It likely formed when a very...

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  3. Black holes with Sarah Gallagher

    1 year ago |200 views

    2022-02-04 – A black hole is created after the death of a very massive star. In this video, learn more about black holes with Sarah Gallagher, astrophysicist and Science Advisor to the President of the Canadian Space Agency.

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  4. Better understanding space anemia with MARROW

    1 year ago |165 views

    2022-01-31 – The Canadian experiment MARROW, conducted on the International Space Station, studied how bone marrow (the spongy tissue inside bones) and the blood cells it produces change in space....

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  5. The FGS, Canada's stellar navigator on the James Webb Space Telescope

    1 year ago |1,092 views

    2022-01-28 – The James Webb Space Telescope will be the most important space observatory of the next decade, serving astronomers from all over the world.

    One of the two Canadian elements...

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  6. Satellite Art: celebrating Canada's winter beauty from space

    1 year ago |383 views

    2022-01-25– Rediscover the majesty of Canada’s vast and varied winter landscapes through the eyes of those who use satellites to explore Earth.

    The Canadian Space Agency challenged...

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  7. The Webb Telescope orbiting the Sun

    1 year ago |147 views

    2022-01-24 – The Webb Telescope has reached its destination. The telescope now orbits the Sun around Lagrange 2, located 1.5 million kilometres from Earth. This location offers Webb an unimpeded...

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  8. Dr. Roberta Bondar's 30th flight anniversary

    1 year ago |41 views

    2022-01-21 – Dr. Roberta Bondar inspired so many women at the Canadian Space Agency and in our space industry to join the Canadian space program. CSA President Lisa Campbell highlights the career and legacy of this incredible Canadian icon.

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  9. Deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope

    1 year ago |91 views

    2022-01-14 – Since its launch on December 25, Webb has successfully completed many milestones: Webb released and deployed its solar array, which means the telescope went off battery power and...

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  10. What kind of light will Webb see?

    1 year ago |185 views

    2022-01-07 – There are many kinds of light all around us: the rainbow of light we can see, and several other types – like X-rays, infrared, microwaves, radio waves – that are not visible...

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