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  1. The team behind Dextre

    12 years ago |210 views

    (Video in French)

    2011-03-10 - Mathieu Caron, Flight Controller.

    CC Transcript

  2. The team behind Dextre

    12 years ago |161 views

    2011-03-10 - Leslie Sponder, Dextre Operations Engineer and Mission Planner.

    CC Transcript

  3. Dextre's final exam

    12 years ago |49 views

    2011-03-10 - Working from his perch on the end of Canadarm2, Dextre will close in on his target, unbolt the first circuit breaker and remove it. He will then back up slightly to give himself more room...

  4. Dextre is put through its paces on the International Space Station

    14 years ago |205 views

    2009-01-20 - A stunning shot of Dextre, the Canadian robot handyman aboard the International Space Station, with the Earth in the backdrop. Dextre successfully completed another series of tests the week of January 20th, 2009 as it prepares for its on-orbit duties.


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