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  1. Remote healthcare on Earth and in space, presented by David Saint-Jacques

    10 months ago |188 views

    2022-05-25 – Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques describes the challenges of remote healthcare delivery, and sheds light on how technologies developed in Canada could help improve healthcare on Earth and during deep-space missions.

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  2. Total lunar eclipse

    10 months ago |552 views

    2022-05-06 – In this time-lapse video, watch the different stages of a total lunar eclipse.


  3. The celestial targets to look at with the James Webb Space Telescope

    11 months ago |54 views

    2022-04-29 – The James Webb Space Telescope has a list of scientific targets based on chosen observation programs. Some of the scientific targets chosen by Canadian researchers are:

    • Exoplanets

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  4. Observing Earth to better protect it

    11 months ago |242 views

    2022-04-22 – From space, we observe Earth’s beauty, but also the changes that take place there. Satellites orbiting our planet help us better understand it in order to better protect it.

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  5. 10 questions with Jeremy Hansen

    11 months ago |997 views

    2022-04-08 – Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen answers 10 fun questions in 60 seconds!

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  6. Canada among the first to use the James Webb Space Telescope

    11 months ago |28 views

    2022-04-01 – Canadian scientists will be some of the first to use the James Webb Space Telescope to make new discoveries about the universe.

    Thanks to the Canadian Space Agency's contribution...

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  7. What is a CubeSat?

    1 year ago |1,413 views

    2022-03-25 – A CubeSat is a square-shaped miniature satellite (roughly the size of a Rubik's cube), weighing about 1 kg. CubeSats can be used to test instruments, conduct science experiments,...

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  8. The northern lights

    1 year ago |19,873 views

    2022-03-18 – In this video, discover the northern lights: what they are, how they form, their colours and how to view them.

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  9. What's with women and fire?

    1 year ago |78 views

    2022-03-08 – In our field of work – space – we have come to meet many women interested in fire. Engineers, students, scientists and even an astronaut! In this video, meet five inspiring women who work with fire.

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  10. Artemis I mission: Orion's journey around the Moon

    1 year ago |985 views

    2022-03-04 – Animation of the Artemis I mission, an uncrewed test flight for the Orion spacecraft.

    After a launch atop the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket from Kennedy Space Center in...

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