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  1. Jeremy Hansen discusses the impact of being an astronaut on his family life

    6 years ago |141 views

    2016-07-22 – Having an astronaut in the family can be very challenging. Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen talks about some of the pros and cons of the job with respect to family life. One benefit is that his three children can participate. His twin daughters are even the ones filming the video!

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  2. David Saint-Jacques encourages you to apply for the astronaut position

    6 years ago |477 views

    2016-07-12 - Are you keen on adventure, exploration, teamwork and learning new things? David Saint-Jacques encourages you to apply to become an astronaut. Join him as a member of the Canadian Space Agency astronaut corps!

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  3. Astronauts wanted – Episode 1: Launch of Canada's fourth astronaut recruitment campaign

    6 years ago |4,715 views

    2016-06-17 - For the fourth time in its history, Canada is looking for exceptional people to push the boundaries of science, innovation and space exploration.

    From June 17 to August 15, 2016,...

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  4. Meet Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques

    8 years ago |4,186 views

    2014-05-13 - As a kid, David Saint-Jacques travelled the world with his family, fostering his spirit of exploration, openness, curiosity and caring for others. An engineer and astrophysicist, David...

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  5. Meet Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen

    8 years ago |4,248 views

    2014-05-13 - As a young boy growing up on a farm in Southern Ontario, Jeremy Hansen turned his tree house into a spaceship. At the age of 12, he joined the Air Cadets and later became a CF-18 fighter...

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  6. Space exploration, 40 years later...

    11 years ago |124 views

    2012-05-24 - Julie Payette, who was selected during the 1992 astronaut recruitment campaign, recalls the early days of space exploration and the impact of the Apollo missions on her career./

    CC Transcript

  7. National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign: What's Up, Doc?

    13 years ago |336 views

    2009-03-20 - From March 16 to 20, 2009, the top 16 candidates were submitted to a series of medical and psychological exams at the Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and the North York General Hospital in Toronto, ON to evaluate their medical health.

  8. National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign: Think you have the "right stuff"?

    14 years ago |2,685 views

    2008-09-01 - Watch the final Canadian astronaut candidates as they are put through their paces.


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