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  1. Annular solar eclipse 2021

    1 year ago |1,341 views

    2021-06-04 – This Thursday, June 10th, an annular solar eclipse will be stretching from Canada to Siberia via the North Pole. The Moon will be closer to the Sun; hence the Moon will appear smaller than the Sun. A ring of light from the Sun will be visible around the Moon.

  2. Happy Valentine's day from the Canadian Space Agency!

    2 years ago |31 views

    2021-02-12 – The Canadian Space Agency wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day!


  3. Historic announcement confirming a vital role for Canada in the Lunar Gateway

    2 years ago |82 views

    2020-12-16 – The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, announced that Canada has signed the Gateway Treaty with the United States, which guarantees two astronaut...

    CC Transcript

  4. The Juno rover, training to recover samples on the surface of other worlds

    2 years ago |247 views

    2020-10-28 - The Canadian Space Agency presents Juno, an early version of a rover that could one day be sent to the Moon or Mars. Juno can navigate autonomously or be operated remotely.



  5. Animation of official Canadarm3 logo

    2 years ago |449 views

    2020-07-06 - Canadarm3 will be Canada's contribution to the US-led Gateway, a lunar outpost that will enable sustainable human exploration of the Moon.

  6. Building on a lunar legacy: Canadian astronauts look towards a new chapter of Moon exploration

    3 years ago |853 views

    2019-07-12 - Fifty years ago, Canadian expertise made humanity’s first steps on the Moon possible. Now, Canadian astronauts reflect on that incredible lunar legacy, and look ahead to a future when Canadian astronauts could one day participate in a Moon mission.

    CC Transcript

  7. Moonset from the International Space Station

    3 years ago |55 views

    2019-05-10 - CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques filmed this moonset from the International Space Station during his space mission.

    On board the Station, there are 16 moonsets per day.

  8. Juno, terrestrial prototype of a lunar rover

    3 years ago |249 views

    2019-03-26 - A look at the Juno-TRT rover (TRT stands for Teleoperation Robotic Testbed) and the impressive things it can do. This terrestrial prototype of a lunar rover is used during a Lunar Exploration Analogue Deployment (LEAD) mission.


  9. Moonset in space

    4 years ago |110 views

    2019-01-29 - This moonset was filmed by CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques from the ISS. On board the Station, astronauts see the sun and the moon rise 16 times per day.

  10. AI-based medical care for deep space exploration

    4 years ago |270 views

    2018-10-23 - Former Canadian Space Agency astronaut Robert Thirsk shares his thoughts on the future of medical care in space: how astronauts could provide their own medical care and get a helping hand from artificial intelligence (AI)-based robots.

    CC Transcript


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