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  1. Canadarm2 and Dextre

    11 years ago |252 views

    2012-05-25 - Canadarm2 grabs Dextre from the mobile base system and performs a series of tests.

  2. Canadarm2 captures the Dragon

    11 years ago |2,062 views

    2012-05-25 - Another cosmic catch complete! Canadarm2 captured SpaceX's Dragon on May 25, 2012 at 9:56 a.m. Eastern while the Station flew over Australia. Dragon is now the first commercial vehicle to visit the International Space Station.

  3. Circuit-breaker box repair

    11 years ago |193 views

    2011-08-26 - This accelerated animation shows the sequence of operations Dextre will perform when the robotic handyman will replace a failed circuit breaker box on board the International Space Station...

  4. Dextre makes the cut: Wire cutting task is a resounding success!

    11 years ago |27 views

    2012-03-08 - After completing operations with the Multifunction Tool, Canadarm2 repositioned Dextre to cut the first of two wires, each about as thick as four sheets of paper. With surgical precision,...

  5. Dextre cleans up after a job well done!

    11 years ago |115 views

    2012-03-09 - On the third day of RRM operations, Dextre stowed the Multifunction tool and Wire-Cutting tool inside the RRM module for future operations.

  6. Dextre releases the launch locks

    11 years ago |64 views

    2012-03-08 - Day 2 of the initial phase of the joint NASA-CSA Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) ended with a historic moment for Dextre, the Canadian-built robotic handyman on board the International...

  7. Dextre's Robotic Refueling Mission: Day 2

    11 years ago |375 views

    2012-03-08 - The second day of Dextre's most demanding mission wrapped up successfully on March 8 as the robotic handyman completed his three assigned tasks. Dextre successfully retrieved, inspected...

  8. Santa's little detour

    11 years ago |49 views

    2011-12-22 - Ever wonder how Santa makes it around the globe in a single night? This NASA animation finally reveals the secret magic that fuels Santa's sleigh!

    In the spring of 2012, NASA and...

  9. Dextre's first repair job on the ISS

    11 years ago |19 views

    2011-08-30 - Highlights from Dextre's first repair job on the International Space Station in August 2011 when he swapped out a faulty circuit breaker for a fresh one.

  10. Canadarm2 installs the RRM hardware

    11 years ago |428 views

    2011-07-21 - The crew of Mission STS-135 uses Canadarm2 to install the hardware for Dextre's Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM).


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