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  1. Studying eye health in space with astronaut Matthias Maurer

    5 months ago |195 views

    2022-10-13 – European Space Agency astronaut Matthias Maurer explains how a Canadian experiment is investigating vision changes experienced by astronauts during six-month missions aboard the International...

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  2. CUBICS: A space mission for students

    5 months ago |50 views

    2022-10-07 – CUBICS is a Canadian Space Agency initiative that provides professors in post-secondary institutions with an opportunity to engage their students in a space mission adapted to their needs and their level of comfort, expertise and readiness.

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  3. Animation of Canadarm3, Canada's contribution to the Lunar Gateway

    7 months ago |2,158 views

    2022-08-22 – Canada's contribution to the Lunar Gateway will be a smart robotic system which includes a next-generation robotic arm known as Canadarm3, as well as equipment, and specialized tools.


  4. Canadian Space Agency video gallery

    7 months ago |46 views

    2022-08-18 – This video promotes the Canadian Space Agency's video gallery, dedicated to space and science.

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  5. A typical balloon launch day

    8 months ago |316 views

    2022-07-29 – Animation that shows what happens during a stratospheric balloon launch day.

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  6. Canada's NIRISS on Webb finds water in the atmosphere of exoplanet WASP-96 b

    8 months ago |61 views

    2022-07-12 – Join Dr. Sarah Gallagher, Science Advisor to the CSA President, and Dr. Nathalie Ouellette, Canadian Webb outreach scientist and coordinator at the Institute for Research on Exoplanets...

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  7. What are asteroids?

    8 months ago |135 views

    2022-06-30 – This video is about asteroids, their size, where they are, and how we observe them.

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  8. Satellite Art: Our national parks from space

    9 months ago |537 views

    2022-06-24 – Rediscover the majesty of Canada's national parks through the eyes of those who use satellites to explore Earth.

    The Canadian Space Agency challenged organizations from across...

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  9. Looking back in time with the James Webb Space Telescope

    9 months ago |57 views

    2022-06-17 – Travel back in time with the James Webb Space Telescope to the early stages of the universe! The powerful telescope will be able to observe the beginnings of the cosmos, gathering...

    CC Transcript

  10. Taking action on climate change

    9 months ago |219 views

    2022-06-03 – Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time, and we are already seeing the effects. Satellites are valuable tools we can use to better understand climate change and adapt to it.

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