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  1. Chris Hadfield demonstrates how astronauts wash their hands in zero-g

    9 years ago |25,653 views

    2013-01-30 - During a video link with His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, who was accompanied with 200 grade school students from Ottawa, CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates how astronauts wash their hands in the weightless environment of the International Space Station.

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  2. Meet Canadian astronaut Jennifer “Jenni” Sidey-Gibbons

    5 years ago |15,007 views

    2017-07-01 - Prior to joining the Canadian Space Program, Jennifer “Jenni” Sidey-Gibbons worked as a mechanical engineer, a combustion scientist and a lecturer at the Department of Engineering...

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  3. Chris Hadfield - Nail clipping in space

    9 years ago |13,959 views

    2013-01-11 - CSA astronaut Chris Hadfield shows us how the crew of the International Space Station clip their nails in space.

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  4. Chris Hadfied at the International Space Salon

    9 years ago |11,837 views

    2013-03-08 - Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield filmed a recent "clip and buzz" in the weightless environment of the ISS: International Space "Salon".

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  5. Canadian Space technology helps breast cancer patients

    8 years ago |11,300 views

    2014-10-01 - The technology and expertise developed to build the first Canadarm not only paved the way for its descendants, Canadarm2 and Dextre, that are in great part responsible for the successful...

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  6. RADARSAT-2: Keeping an eye on Earth

    8 years ago |10,992 views

    2014-10-03 - Capable of scanning the Earth at all times, day or night through any weather conditions, RADARSAT 2 has typically acquired more than 30,000 images a year since its launch in 2007. Its images...

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  7. Chris Hadfield returns to Earth

    9 years ago |10,395 views

    2013-05-14 - After five months aboard the International Space Station (ISS), CSA astronaut Chris Hadfield and his Expedition 34/35 crewmates Tom Marshburn and Roman Romanenko made a successful undocking...

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  8. The northern lights

    8 months ago |9,508 views

    2022-03-18 – In this video, discover the northern lights: what they are, how they form, their colours and how to view them.

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  9. From sky to space

    8 years ago |8,481 views

    2013-12-17 - How do you prepare astronauts for the unknown? You put them in as many challenging situations as you can. On the 110th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first powered flight, Canadian Space Agency astronauts Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques explain why piloting planes is an integral part of astronaut training.

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  10. Sleeping in space

    9 years ago |8,350 views

    2013-04-12 - It's bedtime on the ISS. CSA astronaut Chris Hadfield shows us how astronauts sleep in space.

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