Space in your classroom

Giant maps of Canada, the Tomatosphere project, and educational resources for elementary and secondary schools.


Exploring Earth

Interactive Web-based activity using photos of the Earth taken by CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques.

Junior Astronauts

Initiative for Canadian youth and educators that includes fun activities and a Junior Astronaut Recruitment Campaign.

Giant maps

Giant maps of Canada to better understand the role of Earth observation satellites.


An educational project that involves studying the germination of tomato seeds after they have been to space.

Educational resources for elementary schools

Safety in orbit, working in space, the spacesuit and biological survival systems.

Educational resources for secondary schools

Orbital mechanics and attitude control systems, safety in orbit and working in space.

Create your own inventions for space

About Little Inventors, who can participate and how to participate.

Living Space

Activity to study environmental conditions in the classroom and compare them to data from other classrooms and the Space Station.

Radi-N2 and You

Activity to measure, collect and analyze neutron radiation levels on Earth and compare them with data from other classrooms and the International Space Station.

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