Streams and activities

The Junior Astronauts activities are divided into three streams. They reflect the kind of skills and knowledge that is required from astronauts. These streams were also chosen to appeal to young Canadians with varying interests and to get them excited about space and science.


Science and technology

Science and technology

As part of their work, astronauts perform science experiments, solve complex problems and help advance space technologies. That is why they require education and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

These activities introduce participants to different elements of space science and technology. From engineering to coding, participants are encouraged to use their imagination to create, innovate, and have fun!

Fitness and nutrition

Fitness and nutrition

Everyone knows that it is important to exercise and eat well to stay in shape. But when you're in orbit, it is absolutely vital! Physical activity and nutrition are the most effective ways to counteract the adverse effects of weightlessness on the human body.

These fitness activities will challenge participants both physically and mentally to simulate the types of activities astronauts perform.

In these nutrition activities, participants learn about healthy eating on Earth and in space and how nutrition is essential to an astronaut’s overall well-being.

Teamwork and communication

Communication and teamwork

Astronauts constantly work as part of a team, with their crewmates and ground crews, to successfully accomplish their mission. Strong communication skills are especially important when an emergency arises or astronauts perform risky tasks.

On Earth, astronauts routinely speak to media and the public. Clear, effective communication is essential not just during a space mission, but also as part of their work on the ground.

These activities call upon participants to think about space differently. From debates to learning voice protocols, they will be challenged to communicate effectively and work together to accomplish their goals.

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