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Juno, a rugged, all-terrain rover


2017-10-06 - Illustration of Juno, a rugged, all-terrain rover. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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The infographic shows a photo of a rover used to retrieve and transfer samples of rock and soil. The rover's components are described as follows.

Lidar scanner

Takes digital 3D images (point clouds) of the rover's surroundings

Embedded visual odometer

Stereo camera and computing unit providing real-time localization and obstacle detection

Illuminators (3)

Illuminates the rover's immediate environment when operating in complete darkness

Science camera

Provides panoramas and high-resolution imagery with its pan, tilt and zoom features

Robotic arm

Collects samples using the scoop-rake-gripper and manipulates the sample canister

Robotic tool interfaces (2)

Provide mechanical, electrical and data interfaces for tools and sample canister

Scoop-rake-gripper tool

Collects rocks and regolith samples

GPS ground-truth system

Logs actual localization data for post-mission analysis

Absolute orientation sensor

Tracks the Sun to establish the absolute rover heading

Drive cameras (3)

Provide situational awareness to the remote operators driving the rover

Avionics module

Suite of on-board electronics, inertial measurement unit and data processing boards

Sample canister

Stores up to 12 separate soil and rock samples

Workspace cameras (2)

Provide close-up imagery of the robotic arm workspace

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Photo taken on October 6, 2017

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