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Contracts awarded: LEAP Science Instruments Phase 0 Studies

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is preparing Canada's space community and collaborating sectors – including Canadian companies, universities, research institutions, and other organizations – for potential roles in the long-term exploration of the Moon. The Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program (LEAP) was created to provide a wide range of opportunities for Canadian science and technology activities in lunar orbit, on the Moon's surface, and beyond.

LEAP aims to foster innovation in areas of strength for Canada, like artificial intelligence, robotics, science and health. It will support the commercialization of innovative ideas from Canadian industry, including small and medium-sized businesses, in order to help them become an integral part of the growing new-space economy. The scientific and technological advancements stemming from LEAP are expected to generate tangible benefits for Canadians in their everyday lives.

In , following a request for proposals issued in summer , the CSA awarded six contracts totalling $2.9 million for the development of potential Canadian lunar science instruments under LEAP. The list of contracts awarded, including organizations, contract values and proposal title, is presented below.

Contracts awarded, including organizations, contract values and proposal title
Organization Contract value Proposal
Canadensys Aerospace Corporation
Bolton, Ontario
$300,000 Canadian Lunar Frozen Regolith Observation and Science Tools (FROST) suite
Canadensys Aerospace Corporation
Bolton, Ontario
$300,000 Lunar Exploration Agriculture Feasibility (LEAF)
University of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Manitoba
$497,349 LunaR: A versatile Raman Spectrometer for Lunar Exploration
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
$599,967 Lunar Lander Sweeping Energetic Particle Telescope (LL-SWEPT)
Mission Control Space Services
Ottawa, Ontario
$600,000 Intelligent Sensing and Perception in Infrared (I-SPI)
MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates
Brampton, Ontario
$600,000 Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer (Lunar APXS)

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