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Canadian and Norwegian students collaborate on sounding rocket mission

Launch of a sounding rocket from the Adøya Space Centre, in Norway, as part of the CaNoRock collaboration. (Credit: The CaNoRock Collaboration)

Ten engineering students from across Canada have been selected to take part in the 13th Canada–Norway Student Sounding Rocket (CaNoRock) exchange program, during which they will gain hands-on experience in rocket and payload instrument design.

Two countries joining forces to train young scientists

CaNoRock is a six-month partnership program between eight universities in Canada and Norway and the Andøya Space Center. The Canadian institutions involved are the Universities of Alberta, Calgary and Saskatchewan and the Royal Military College of Canada. Both countries aim to train students and spark their interest in graduate studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with the objective of inspiring them to pursue careers in the space sector.

After being recruited this summer, the Canadian and Norwegian students spent a month preparing for the rocket deployments. This time was partly used to plan how selected research will be tested onboard the rockets.

Between and , the teams will work together at the Andøya Space Center where they will witness the launch of the rockets and test their research. They will also benefit from being taught and mentored by staff from both countries.

An ongoing success

The CaNoRock program started in as a 10-year bilateral student sounding rocket program. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has supported 11 previous campaigns. In , the CSA awarded an $85,080 grant to the University of Alberta to support the participation of these students.

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