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Moon exploration

Countries from around the world are getting ready to send humans farther into our solar system, beyond the International Space Station. Nearly 400,000 km away from our planet, the Moon represents a crucial stepping stone in humanity's quest to travel onwards to Mars.

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Canada's role in Moon exploration

Canada is participating in major lunar exploration initiatives.


The Gateway's smart robotic system will work autonomously.

The Artemis program

Canadian astronauts will be part of historic missions to the Moon.

The Lunar Gateway

The Lunar Gateway is the next major international collaboration in human space exploration.

Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program

LEAP provides a wide range of opportunities for Canadian lunar science and technology activities.

Canadian utility rover

Canada will provide a versatile utility rover as part of its contribution to the Artemis program.

Canadian lunar rover

A Canadian rover will help search for water ice on the Moon.

Lunar rover VIPER

NASA's rover will map water ice on the Moon.

Consulting with Canadians

The Government of Canada received views from Canadians regarding a framework for future space exploration activities.

The future of space exploration: beyond the International Space Station

Crews travelling farther from Earth will require more independence and autonomy.

Information kit

News releases, backgrounder, images and videos.



What's new in Moon exploration.


Photos, videos, infographics and playlists.

Speakers' kit

Presentation, virtual background, infographics and FAQ on Canada's role in Moon exploration.

Building on a lunar legacy: Canadian astronauts look towards a new chapter of Moon exploration


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