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Astronaut candidate's profile

The candidates participating in the astronaut selection process all have unique journeys and outstanding qualities and skills. You can read their remarkable profiles here.

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Rader, Andrew

Andrew Rader

Where were you born?
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Where do you currently live?
Los Angeles, Californie, USA


  • Bachelor's, aerospace engineering – Carleton University
  • Master's, aerospace engineering – Carleton University
  • Ph.D., aeronautics / astronautics engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Photo of the astronaut candidate during the aptitude tests. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

What is your current job?

Mission Manager, SpaceX - I lead a team that coordinates all technical and programmatic aspects involved in launching a large multi-satellite space mission on a Falcon Heavy rocket. This includes planning and coordinating all mission analysis (orbital dynamics, structures, thermal, electrical interface, etc.), logistics, ground operations, and master schedule.

Why do you want to become an astronaut?

I believe firmly in the goal of making humanity a multi-planetary species. Becoming an astronaut and applying my skills on a mission to space would be the most direct contribution I could make to that cause. This has been the driving goal and aspiration of my life, and there is nothing that I am more eager to dedicate myself to. It would be an incredible privilege to participate in scientific discovery, observe our planet from orbit, and share my sense of wonder with the people of the world.

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