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Guy Trudel

Guy Trudel

Guy Trudel

Professionnal informations

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Catherine Duclos


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Ottawa, ON


  • French
  • English

Activities sectors

  • Microgravity
  • Health science

Conferences types

  • Virtual conferences
  • In-person conferences anywhere in the country


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Dr. Guy Trudel began his medical training at Laval University in Quebec City, in 1988. He was certified as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada (FRCPC) in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 1993 at Dalhousie University. He earned an M.Sc. in anatomy and neurobiology at Dalhousie University as a Fellow of the Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation. In 1995, he arrived in Ottawa to establish his clinical practice and research program. His tertiary academic rehabilitation unit delivers rehabilitation care to people after polytrauma, burns and serious/complex medical and surgical complications. As Director of the Bone and Joint Research Laboratory, Dr. Trudel has pursued clinical and laboratory-based research in three areas related to the musculoskeletal complications of immobility: joint contractures, tendinopathies and fat accumulation in the bone marrow. His team has published over 90 original research papers. Dr. Trudel has received over $6 million as Principal Investigator, chiefly from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and $23 million in Co-Investigations. Dr. Trudel is involved with undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at the University of Ottawa. He is a member of multiple national and international scientific panels and peer-review committees.

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