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Mandate letter for the Science Advisor to the President

Dr. Sarah Gallagher
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Western University
1151 Richmond St.
London, ON N6A 3K7

Dear Dr. Gallagher,

I am very pleased that you have agreed to become the first Science Advisor to the President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). You will be part of my executive team, and I look forward to your active participation in the discussions at the CSA's Executive Committee table. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate extensively with Canada's Chief Science Advisor and the network of Departmental Science Advisors (DSAs) from other Science-Based Departments and Agencies (SBDAs) within the Canadian government.

During your tenure at the Canadian Space Agency, like other DSAs, you will often be asked to act as a neutral sounding board for senior officials and decision makers when debating science-related issues, to make recommendations and provide strategic advice on science and science policy issues, as they relate to space, and to act as a link between the CSA and external stakeholders.

Your specific duties will include:

In the coming weeks, we will have the opportunity to discuss and establish more precise priorities for the first year of your mandate. In the meantime, there are two areas where you could already begin to contribute. The first one is regarding the implementation of guidelines to ensure space science research and findings are fully available to the public, and that CSA scientists are able to speak freely about their work.

The second relates to the strengthening of relationships between the CSA, the Granting Councils and academia involved in space science research. For example, the CSA will strive to identify ways and means to improve the scope and structure of the agreements and associated cost sharing arrangements between the parties.

It will also be important for you to liaise with Canada's Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Mona Nemer, to clarify her expectations concerning your role as a Science Advisor. You will be part of the first wave of a small number of DSAs supporting Dr. Nemer, with opportunities to develop best practices and facilitate communications on cross cutting issues.

In conclusion, I know I can count on you to fulfill the important responsibilities entrusted upon you. In turn, you can count on my unconditional support to ensure you succeed in your role as our first Science Advisor.

Warm regards,

Sylvain Laporte

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