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Sarah Gallagher, Science Advisor to the President

Sarah Gallagher

Dr. Sarah Gallagher's research focuses on studying growing supermassive black holes at the centres of distant galaxies and the interactions between galaxies in crowded environments. She has over 100 refereed papers that include data from 10 different space observatories, and her research has been recognized with an Ontario Early Career Researcher Award and a Western University Faculty Scholar Award. She regularly speaks to the public of all ages about black holes and other wonders of the universe.

Dr. Gallagher has been engaged in space astronomy from the beginning of her science career. She was an early member of two Chandra X-ray Observatory instrument teams, and won one of the first NASA Spitzer Space Telescope Fellowships. She has been an expert reviewer for several space observatories, and on advisory committees for the Hubble Space Telescope and two space data archives. She served as a Director on the Board of the Canadian Astronomical Society and on the Joint Committee on Space Astronomy that advises the Canadian Space Agency. She co-wrote "A Vision for Canadian Space Exploration," a white paper that presents a vision of a robust and dynamic ecosystem of space exploration development. She is leading the supermassive black hole science team for CASTOR, a proposed new Canadian-led space observatory.

Dr. Gallagher received her Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics from Penn State supported by a NASA Graduate Student Fellowship. Subsequently, Dr. Gallagher spent a year as a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Space Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before going to the University of California, Los Angeles in as a Spitzer Fellow. She has been a professor of physics and astronomy at Western University since , and the Director of the Institute for Earth and Space Exploration since . Prior to her graduate studies, she was a high school physics teacher and soccer coach.

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