Past #CSATweetup Activities

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) organizes tweetups to engage and inspire its social media followers, provide them with unique opportunities to go behind-the-scenes and mingle with our astronauts, engineers and scientists to learn about Canadian space science and technology projects while they in turn share their experience on social media. Participants are randomly selected from those who answer our call and register their interest for the event on our Website.

Date Event Where Special Guests What # of tweeps
September 30, 2014 The Amazing Canadian Space Race Toronto, Ontario Canadian astronauts @Astro_DavidS and @Astro_Jeremy Astronauts Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques went head to head in a thrilling space race that brought them to space organizations around Toronto as part of the 65th International Astronautical Congress, the world's premier space event. With the help of their respective team of spacetweeps and media representatives, they solved riddles, navigated through obstacle courses and space-themed challenges. 10
Landing of Chris Hadfield and the crew of Expedition 35 CSA HQ, Saint-Hubert, Quebec Canadian astronauts @Astro_DavidS and @RobertThirsk Participants celebrated the end of the successful mission of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield with CSA employees and key collaborators. 20
Celebrating Yuri and Chris! Telus World of Science – Edmonton, Edmonton, Alberta Canadian astronaut and ISS Commander @Cmdr_Hadfield (from space);
Mathieu Landry, ISS Payloads Supervisor, CSA
The CSA partnered with Yuri's Night and the Telus World of Science Edmonton to celebrate the first manned spaceflight by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the inaugural launch of NASA's Space Shuttle and the mission of Chris Hadfield, who joined us live from the ISS to answer the questions of some of the 500 students present. The event was CSA's first tweetup event in Western Canada. 25
A day in the life of Chris Hadfield aboard the ISS CSA HQ, Saint-Hubert, Quebec William Shatner, Canadian astronauts @Cmdr_Hadfield (from space) and @Astro_Jeremy, engineers, scientists and experts Participants took part in a live space to ground connection with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield hosted by fellow astronaut Jeremy Hansen. They also witnessed a conversation between Hadfield and Montreal-born actor, author and former Captain Kirk, William Shatner and were treated to presentations on the Canadian science on ISS, the medical and psychological aspects of a mission, nutrition, exercising and life in space as well as trained on the Canadarm2 simulator and visited the facilities. 36
The Maple Leaf returns to Mars – Mars Curiosity Landing CSA HQ, Saint-Hubert, Quebec CSA officials, engineers, scientists and experts; Canadian astronaut @Astro_DavidS by videoconference; event hosted by Isabelle Tremblay, Senior Systems Engineer - CSA Lead Engineer for Phoenix Mars Lander and James Webb Space Telescope projects (@1sa6e11e) The Maple Leaf returns to Mars as NASA's Mars Curiosity lands on Mars with Canada's APXS instrument aboard. To highlight this historic event, the CSA organised its 3rd #CSATweetup. 20
Launch of the last Space Shuttle (Mission STS-135) CSA HQ, Saint-Hubert, Quebec Canadian astronauts @Cmdr_Hadfield, @Astro_Jeremy, Julie Payette, @Astro_DavidS, @RobertThirsk and @AstroDaveMD; CSA officials @alainbb and Benoît Marcotte Participants witnessed the final launch of the Space Shuttle with CSA employees and media representatives. The event was hosted by astronauts Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques. Other Canadian astronauts joined the event live from NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Tweeps were also treated to a private meeting with Hansen and Saint-Jacques as well as a tour of the facilities. 32
Launch of the Living in Space Exhibition Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa, Ontario Canadian astronauts @Cmdr_Hadfield, @Astro_Jeremy, Steve MacLean (then CSA President), @Astro_DavidS and @RobertThirsk Q&A session with 250 students and tweeps about living and working in space. 20

2014-09-30 – CSA astronauts David Saint-Jacques and Jeremy Hansen pose with the participants of The Amazing Canadian Space Race tweetup. Both teams raced a total of 75 km across Toronto, completing 10 challenges, with the final leg of the race ending in victory for Team David (in yellow), who finished in 3 hours, 45 minutes! It was a dramatic finish for both teams, with David making a spectacular comeback after being slowed by traffic. (Credit: CSA)