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  1. Jeremy Hansen encourages Canadians to go see the Space to Spoon exhibition when it travels to their area

    4 months ago |15 views

    2017-07-24 - Jeremy Hansen, Canadian Space Agency astronaut, introduces the CSA’s new travelling exhibition, Space to Spoon. This...

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  2. Astronauts wanted – Episode 3: Under Pressure

    7 months ago |1,974 views

    2017-04-07 - For the fourth time in its history, Canada has found exceptional people ready to push the boundaries of science, innovation and...

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  3. Jeremy Hansen marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek

    1 year ago |32 views

    2016-09-08 - “Live long and prosper,” says Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen on the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

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  4. Jeremy Hansen explains why astronauts need to be comfortable in the water

    1 year ago |315 views

    2016-07-25 – Did you know that astronauts do a lot of their training in a pool and that some mission simulations are held in the ocean?...

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  5. Jeremy Hansen talks about the lifestyle of an astronaut

    1 year ago |141 views

    2016-07-25 – Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen describes the lifestyle of an astronaut, from basic training to preparation for a mission....

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  6. Jeremy Hansen discusses the impact of being an astronaut on his family life

    1 year ago |109 views

    2016-07-22 – Having an astronaut in the family can be very challenging. Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen talks about some of the pros...

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  7. New vision system to support the inspection and maintenance of the ISS

    1 year ago |45 views

    2016-01-07 - The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has commissioned the design of an advanced vision system for Dextre, the International Space Station's...

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  8. May the 4th Be With You!

    2 years ago |111 views

    2015-05-04 - When CSA Astronaut Jeremy Hansen visited Byron Northview Public School in London, Ontario, last month, he was welcomed like a...

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  9. CSA Astronaut David Saint-Jacques Inspires Students

    2 years ago |364 views

    2015-05-01 - Our Canadian astronauts Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques are our best and most visible ambassadors. David recently spoke...

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  10. Canadian Astronauts Hansen and Saint-Jacques Celebrate National S&T Week 2014

    3 years ago |165 views

    2014-10-17 - Hey! Canada! Let's do a science!

    Canadian Space Agency astronauts Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques invite you...

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